10 Reasons You Need a Skin Clinic Marketing Strategy in 2019

10 Reasons You Need a Skin Clinic Marketing Strategy in 2019

The pertinence of creating and using a skin clinic marketing plan to support skin clinic growth and transformation.

It’s a common challenge knowing where to start if you need to develop a skin clinic marketing strategy. The role of mobile and digital channels in acquiring and retaining customers cannot be overemphasised. In spite of the availability of these amazing tools, many clinics are finding it challenging to develop an effective plan to get their audience hooked. They’re not at par with competitors because they’re affected by the ten problems highlighted in the later part of this article.

The Challenges of Creating a Skin Clinic Marketing Strategy

From my experience, the challenge of knowing where to start drawing up your strategy for skin clinic marketing and the perceived bulky report is a fear that must be overcome. You don’t need a huge report; lean planning works best. A concise strategy on very few sides of A4 showing skin clinic marketing strategies against SMART objectives within our RACE planning framework will do the trick. We recommend writing a lean skin clinic marketing strategy based on our 90-day planning templates to execute your online marketing for skin clinic to monitor your progress.

The scale and scope of skin care products online is another challenge. There exist several smart skin clinic marketing strategies ranging from knowledge of latest trends in the skin care market, ingredients and procedures, to posting of customers’ reviews and testimonials. You need to evaluate and prioritise these strategies because they’re crucial to success.

A Recommended Approach for Developing a Skin Clinic Marketing Strategy

You may not have a strategy, but you have to understand that the growth-approach to skin clinic marketing is comparing your present level to desired future level.

For starters, we’ve organised a free skin clinic marketing benchmarks download featuring skin clinic marketing strategy and key tactics like skin care products, skin care consultation, skin care ingredients, skin types, and product reviews.

What happens if you’re one of the clinics that don’t have a strategy for online marketing for a skin clinic? You can use the following nuggets to create a head start:

  • Begin with a distinct skin clinic marketing strategy bordering on the changes and investment to boost online marketing for skin clinics.
  • With approval, you can proceed to form an integrated plan for skin clinic marketing which forms part of your business.

What lessons can be deduced and acted upon from those mentioned above?

It’s obvious that:

  • The application of skin clinic marketing without a strategic approach is rampant. I’m certain many clinics within this category may be maximising great results from it. But I’m sure they may not be getting the real deal when it comes to complete ownership and control of target audience. They may even be affected by other challenges we’ve listed below. Probably, the problems may be greatly experienced in bigger clinics needing immediate management.
  • A greater percentage of clinics in our research often creates marketing plans in two stages. First, a skin clinic marketing plan is separately created to generate interest by displaying problems and opportunities and set out a path by setting goals and specific strategies including the method of integrating skin clinic marketing into other clinic activities. Next, the marketing plan for skin clinics is integrated into business strategy. The strategies require no separate planning, except for the tactics.

Do you have zero strategies or probably wondering which clinic issue is key to add to a strategic review? We’ve organised the 10 most common problems that in our experience arise when you don’t have a strategy.

DoYou have a Skin Clinic Marketing Strategy?

We’ve researched since 2012 to evaluate the application of skin clinic marketing strategies. The results have been increasing over time. A few years ago, we discovered that fewer than half of the skin clinics are into marketing without any strategy.

Thumbs up if you’re one of the strategy-implementing marketing clinics. If you’re not one, do read on.

10 Reasons Why You May Need a Skin Clinic Marketing Strategy

You’re Directionless

Many clinics don’t have a definite and clear strategic goal for their planned online effort in generating and sustaining customers. Sometimes when you don’t have goals with SMART skin clinic marketing objectives, you don’t commit enough resources and do deep analysis to check if you’re achieving those aims.

Not recognising your online audience or market share

Poor research in this area undermines the awareness of online customer demand and your online market place. These are great tools in setting up strategies to attract customers to your site and build interest in your products.

Existing and start-up competitors will gain market share

Failure to commit enough resources to skin clinic marketing means you are giving up your share of the market to your competitors to take over.

Lack of powerful online value proposition

A unique online content designed to match your customers’ need will greatly encourage both new and existing customers to stay hooked. Creating a competitive content marketing strategy is apt.

You don’t know your online customers so well

Correct this challenge by using other forms of website user feedback tools to know your customers’ sentiments and address them.

You’re not integrated

It’s less effective operating marketing strategies independent of the business. Develop a skin clinic marketing strategy that will be part of daily business.

Online People/Budget suffer insufficient importance

Not enough resources devoted to planning and execution makes it difficult to rise to competitive threats.

Time and Money Waste via Duplication

Performing similar online marketing operations waste time and money and is less effective.

You’re not strong enough to stay ahead or catch-up

Watch how top online brands like Google are inventing new ways to keep their online audience.

You’re not optimising

Reviewing and acting on analytics for your skin clinic website helps you optimise. Failure to do this means losing online attention.

These are our top ten problems that can be avoided with a well-researched strategy.

The good news is that there are great reasons for developing a skin clinic marketing strategy for transformation and excellent online business performance. See more on how skin clinics have integrated online strategies into business plans in our skin clinic marketing strategy toolkit.

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