SEO Organization: Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions state the rights and liabilities you have according to the law. If you want to purchase any of our services then you have to agree to all our terms and conditions. Disagreeing with these can omit you from registering for any of our services. These terms and conditions govern your use of our website

1. Use Of Our Website

If you want to use our website and register for certain services through our website then you have to fully agree with all the terms and conditions of use.

2. Amendments

SEO organization reserves all rights to amend the set terms and conditions at any time subject to the change in online law or company practices. It is the responsibility of the visitor to access the terms and conditions when they visit our website. If you do not accept the amended terms and conditions then you should not continue using our website. If you still keep using our website it would be taken as an acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

3. Registration

  • You have to legally be an adult to register on our website. You must be eighteen (18) or above to register on our website.
  • The information you provide on our website should be true and complete. The sole responsibility for false information will fall legally on the information provider.
  • In case of any changes in the information provided, you should immediately inform us so that we can communicate in a more effective way with you.

4. Security

  • In order to prevent fraud you should keep your password confidential and should never disclose it to anyone(Your friends and family included) If you feel that your password is being used illegally by someone else then you should notify our support team immediately.
  • In case of a potential security breach the company has the right to suspend your account or ask you to change your password.

5. Intellectual Property

The content on this website is the sole intellectual property of SEO Organization. The website is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other database and intellectual property rights. You may use the content for non-commercial use however you may never reproduce, copy, modify or distribute our content for commercial use without written consent from the company itself.

6. Your Use Of Our Company Website

You may not use our website for any of the following purposes.

  • Distribution of our intellectual property for commercial use
  • Interfere with the rights of our visitors
  • Publishing or commenting materials that encourage acts of violence, criminal activities or other unlawful acts.
  • Breach of all laws that can harm the company. The visitor who breaches any sort of law on our website will be responsible for all the loses m costs and legal proceedings resulting from his activities.

7. Availability of Company Site

  • We have to update, repair and maintain our website like all other websites in the world. Your access to the website will be blocked during this time. We would, however, try to make our website live again as soon as possible.
  • If you see any big or problem on our website then you should immediately report it to us so that we can eliminate that problem and provide you with the best and problem free online experience.

8. Payment

Payment Acceptance:

We accept payments through cheques, both debit and credit cards. We do not store your debit or credit card information neither do we share it with any third party. The payments can be made according to the terms set at the beginning.


If we fail to provide you with the services that were agreed at the beginning of our partnership we would refund a percentage of your money that you paid for our service. You will only be entitled to a full refund if you opt for both on site and off site search engine optimization.


If you cancel your registration within 14 days then you will be entitled to a refund however if you cancel your registration later than 14 days no refund will be provided. You may cancel your registration any time. Once you cancel your agreement will be terminated and you will not be provided any refund.

The company also holds the rights to cancel or suspend your subscription. If you breach any of the terms and conditions we may suspend your registration at our discretion.

The cancellation of your registration will not affect the statutory rights of all parties involved.

9. The Company’s Liability

  • We sometimes provide content from other third party websites and we do not hold responsibility for the inaccuracies in such content however if we are informed of any inaccuracies in the content that we share we try our best to correct those inaccuracies.
  • The company is not liable for any losses on your side like lost profits or lost data
  • Company’s liability shall not be affected in the case of a relatively unsafe product that is sold through our website.

10. Third Party Websites

We offer convenience of navigation to our customers by adding links to third party websites on our website however we are not the owner or responsible for any content that is uploaded on these websites.

11. Advertisements On Our Website

Our website might contain advertisements from other businesses. The advertisers are responsible for all the content and ads they place on our website. It will be the sole responsibility of the advertisers to check if their ads follow the code of conduct and laws that are set by the relevant regulatory authority. The company website will not be responsible for the inaccuracies in the advertising material.

12. English Law

Our terms and conditions are governed by English Law. These terms and conditions will be interpreted in accordance with English law and fall under the jurisdiction of English courts.

13. International Use

If you access our website from outside the UK, you will do so on your own initiative and you will be solely responsible for the losses that may occur for accessing the website outside the UK. We do not hold any liability or responsibility if the content on our website isn’t appropriate or available in countries outside the UK.

14. Miscellaneous

  • If the company does not show an immediate response to the breach of terms and conditions from your side then the company holds the right to proceed with the legal procedure at any later date.
  • The company shall not be responsible for any breach of terms and conditions that resulted from uncontrollable events.

15. Disclaimer

The information provided on our website is only for informative purposes. The content can have a few inaccuracies however once highlighted we would attempt our best to eliminate these inaccuracies.